GenealogyBank Adds “My Folder” with Search Saving Capability

I’ve been a GenealogyBank fan since before their conception (that’s another story). I absolutely love our access to online newspapers – and GenealogyBank does a great job with it.

I got an email this morning with an announcement that GenealogyBank now has the capability of allowing subscribers to save their searches, save their places within a search, and save pages of interest to a Folder. I love it, as I often don’t have the time to save the search to my hard drive and database. Now if I have 10 minutes to search a long list of results, I can mark where I left off and come back to it later. If I find items of interest, I save them to my Folder, and can save them to my hard drive when I’ve got the time.

This morning, I did a search for my great grandfather, William Canfield, of New York. On the first page of 10 results out of 51, I located 2 items that were about the guy! I hadn’t seen these items before. I saved them to my Folder. When I get a few minutes, I will go back and search the other 41 items. This is very exciting!


Click on the illustration to go to and check it out.

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