Further Undertakings of a Dead Relative Collector – 60% off, Just $3.98 – Now Thru Aug. 9

We just realized that we’ve still got stacks of Laverne Galeener-Moore’s classic “Further Undertakings of a Dead Relative Collector” on our stockroom shelves. We need to make room for other things, so we’re selling it far below cost at just $3.98! Enjoy!

Laverne Galeener-Moore’s stories will touch the funny bone of any family historian. Collected over years of real genealogy research, Laverne’s stories carry the humor that only truth and circumstance can offer. Further Undertakings of a Dead Relative Collector was the author’s second book, Collecting Dead Relatives the first, of stories meant to keep you laughing.

Like her first book, Further Undertakings is full of funny stories that will have you in stitches. “With a swipe at foreigners, computer freaks, reluctant letter-writers, and certain best-forgotten ancestors—not to mention the hell on earth when the microfilm reader is on the fritz—” Moore takes the reader deep inside the struggles every genealogist faces and finds a way to see the bright side of life; though, she may not have thought these situations funny at the time. The more experience you have as a researcher the more you will appreciate the witty humor found in these stories.

Take a break from your research and have a laugh, reading Further Undertakings of a Dead Relative Collector.

60% Off through August 9!

Only $3.98


Table of Contents


Catarrh of bile ducts Can Lay You Low

Oh, Granny, Where Can Your Ashes Be?

Scatter! It’s a Computer!

Will the D.O.O.D.O.O. Replace the D.A.R.?

Curses! An Unidentified Photograph!

So Your BODENSCHATZ Came from Rugenwaldermundenbergerfurt?

GAS Attacks Salt Lake City

Duck! It’s a Minié Ball!

How to Make Sure Your Goal is Showing

Sew Those So-and-Sos Into a Quilt

Librarians Runnin’ Wild

Cruising the Ohio 200 Years Later

Mail Monomania

Words to Set You Apart (Probably Far Apart)


Add this classic genealogical humor book to your collection, order Further Undertakings of a Dead Relative Collector from Family Roots Publishing Company; Item #: GPC2106, Price: Reg. $9.95, on sale for just $3.98 thru August 9, 2016

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