How To Use the Web Store – Pt. 3

In Pt. 1, I wrote about how the Categories are laid out at the Family Roots Publishing website. In Pt. 2, I described what the categories “Africa” through “Computer” contain. In this post, I would like to describe the categories “Ethnic” through “How-to Guides.”

Categories – Ethnic to Military/War

Many of our products cover a particular ethnic group, not just the country or countries that group is from, despite titles such as Germans in Pennsylvania or Jews in Hungary. I have tried to categorize every ethnicity clearly mentioned in a book.
Note: The categories of “American” and “European” are not well represented because they would entail almost all of our products, so there is a bit of “hit and miss.” On the other hand, ethnicities that don’t have their own countries can be found here. Example: Creole, Huguenots, Melungeons, American Indian, African-American, and Norman.

In this category I have placed most of the European countries, including some that no longer exist; such as the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. We are mainly a publisher and seller of books about Germany and the German people, those books can be found under this category.
We have broken the Germany category down further into the following subcategories:

Though Family Root Publishing does not publish family books, we are not adverse to selling some. In this category can be found books on Family Reunions, Genealogies, Heraldry, Royal Lineages, and Family Associations.
Because of the large amount of data available on the subject there is also a category for Pocahontas Descendants.
Under the Genealogies category, there are subcategories for several important linage series that are known to be of help to many people.

Flip-Pal Scanners & Accessories
Though we do not sell the Flip-Pal any longer, we still have some of its accessories left. Under this category can also be found “eneloop” batteries and “Quick Notes” on how to use the Flip-Pal.

Genealogy Related Novels
After a long day at the library, archives, or courthouse, sit down to a good novel, which can be found here.

German Map Guides
This category covers our main Publishing Series. Premiering in 2005, the series was written in English by Kevan Hansen.

The volumes were principally written to help family historians resolve where their families may have gone to church in Germany – and left vital records behind that may be seen today. The series is still in production. In many cases, even the smallest places are listed in this series, some with as little population as one person! Place names are generally from before 1870. If the place existed prior to that date, it will most likely be listed. If the place was named after that date, the chances drop.

The online description of each book includes an index listing every town found in that book. To search across the entire database for any particular German town, Click here, enter the name of the town in the Search Box, click on “Description Only,” and then click Search. Note, many town names can be found in multiple books, as there are often multiple towns with the same name.

Each volume of the series does the following:

  • Identifies the parish where an ancestor may have worshipped based on where they lived.
  • Gives the FHL microfilm number for the family’s parish records.
  • Identifies nearly every city, town, and place that included residents.
  • Visually identifies church parishes for Lutherans & Catholics in each district.
  • Identifies adjoining parishes in case an ancestor attended an alternate parish.
  • Aids in area searches, particularly across district or regional borders.
  • Provides visual identification of search areas in which to look for a family.
  • Helps in determining proximity of one area to another.
  • Aids in determining reasonable distances of travel from one area to another.
  • Identifies population centers in each parish.
  • Identifies archives, repositories, and other resources.
  • Aids in identification of the location of minority religions.

How-to Guides
This category probably has the lest descriptive title of all we offer and, it is also the most useful. The flowing is the list of sub categories:

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