How To Use the Web Store – Pt. 1

It has been pointed out that our web store is not as intuitive as I meant to make it. When my father handed it over to me, we only had a few hundred books and products, but now they are numbered in the thousands and more are being added every day.


Most products are in many categories. An example would be: Trace Your German Roots Online, A Complete Guide to German Genealogy Websites; by James M Beidler, this book is in the following categories

In navigating our web store, start with the Categories list on the left hand side of our home page.


This list will be available on every page of

This Categories list is only the main Categories. Most of the main Categories have a subcategories list.


Some Categories only have a few subcategories while others have an extensive list.

Underneath most Categories sublists will be products that cover that sublist’s broad definition.


Regarding localities, I have placed every Continent on the Main list while the sublists may not have every country


Some of the countries’ sublists have subcategories of states or counties.

States subcategories

In the case of many U.S. States, we also have subcategories for counties under the States subcategory.

county subcategories


The symbols or numbers before or after a category title are placed there in order to get the web store’s program to sort them into a particular category. An example would be: [British]Air Force Records: A Guide for Family Historians, 2nd Edition, by William Spencer. It is in the following categories:

In this case the number “1” places the book at the top of the list. Some symbols can be sorted to the top of the list and with others, to the end of the list. Such as ‘British Military’.

In many cases the same title is used, but a number or symbol is added to make it possible to place it under multiple subcategories

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