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With the release of the British 1939 Register at the FindMyPast website, we’re once again discussing WWII research. When I got involved in genealogy forty years ago, WWII was a rather recent occurrence and many of us just skipped right over it while doing our research. Now – with 70 years separating us since the war, genealogists are scrambling to locate information, and in some cases interview the few remaining WWII veterans. Many of us are writing about what took place during the war years.

Turning to American WWII research, my friend, Jennifer Holik, has a website that is of help to anyone wishing to research and write about their WWII ancestor. Her site includes a number of wonderful resource pages. From the home page, click on any of the horizontally rotating illustrations. They are:

Jennifer’s website also includes the following pages:

My Books Good stuff!
Research Another place to click for the resources listed above.
Writing This includes themes, prompts, books, websites, and more!
Research Collective People who perform WWII research on specific branches or theaters of war.

I am using the website and its resources to help in my own research. I highly recommend it to my own readers.

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  1. Wow! That grave is within sight of Pattons’s Grave. Patton is near the Flag pole and Hedge, off center left of the Chapel. Not sure who has the greater honor, the men buried near him or Patton himself!

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