Back To Our Past Event at the Serpentine Hall, RDS, Dublin (9-11 October)

Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI) is celebrating its new name with active participation at this weekend’s Back To Our Past event at the Serpentine Hall, RDS, Dublin (9-11 October). Until May 2015 AGI was more familiarly known as APGI – the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland. At Back To Our Past members of AGI will be out in force. Free consultations will be given by members at the AGI stand and these may be booked on the AGI website In addition, AGI will present three Q&A sessions in the Genealogy Lecture Schedule as well as two lectures. The Q&A sessions should be quite lively and there is no need to book in advance. One of the two lectures is being given by a guest speaker, Sean Murphy, who has been teaching genealogy on the UCD Adult Education programme for over 25 years. The other lecture is by AGI member Tony Hennessy of Waterford. The details of the AGI presentations are below.

For three decades APGI has promoted high standards in Irish professional genealogy and protected the interests of clients. The name change to Accredited Genealogists Ireland reflects the organisation’s role as an accrediting body. Admission to membership of AGI is controlled by an independent Board of Assessors. Once admitted, Members are bound by a strict Code of Practice. AGI has an additional Affiliate section for reputable genealogists, in the early stages of their transition to professional research, who have not yet applied for accreditation.

2.30pm – Ask the Experts / Beginners’ Q&A – Panel: John Grenham, MAGI; Nicola Morris, MAGI; Joan Sharkey, MAGI

12.30pm – Ask the Experts / Beginners’ Q&A – Panel: Paul Gorry, MAGI; John Grenham, MAGI; Rosaleen Underwood, MAGI

2.30pm – The Irish Diaspora – Guest speaker: Sean Murphy, Genealogy Teacher, UCD Adult Education

1.30pm – Ask the Experts / Beginners’ Q&A – Panel: Paul Gorry, MAGI; Nicola Morris, MAGI; Rosaleen Underwood, MAGI

4.30pm – Where’s William? The search for William Casey, 1877-1912: a case study – Speaker: Tony Hennessy, MAGI

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