Croatia is About to Make Yugoslav Spy Files Public

The following excerpt is from an article posted September 28, 2015 at


The Croatian security and intelligence agency, SOA, said on Saturday that it has given secret service documents created between 1937 and 1990 to the state archives, which will ultimately allow them to be seen by the Croatian public for the first time, under some restrictions.

The documents come from the Yugoslav secret service, UDBA, as well as the secret services of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the WWII-era fascist puppet regime called the Independent State of Croatia, NDH.

The SOA said the handover was part of its efforts to “bring [the service’s] work closer to the Croatian public”.

It also said that it wants to “follow the practice of services in states with a long democratic tradition”, where documents are declassified when there is no need for them to be kept secret anymore.

However some data will remain confidential and some identities protected.

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