ccgs-logo The Cumberland County Genealogical Society in Amherst, Nova Scotia has been going about a project in which they interview area senior citizens and then publish the interviews on DVD. The DVDs sell for only $7.95 – so if any of these folks are even slightly related (that’s called shirt-tail back home) to you, it’s a great deal! Who knows? If someone from the area where your folks lived was interviewed, that interview might also help with your family history.

Each DVD features one senior and includes family photos, a family tree, and heart-warming memories of school days, Christmas celebrations, work, and family. They help preserve local history and describe changes to family traditions and Cumberland County communities over the years.

Proceeds from the sale of the DVDs will allow CCGS to continue interviewing seniors who would like to preserve their memories.

The following DVDs are being produced. The project is still in process, but it’s expected that they will all be produced by mid-April, 2009.

The list is by Senior, their Age, and Community – in order by their age:

  • Frances (Terrio) Legere; 104; Minudie & Barronsfield
  • Celia “Mae” (King) Fullerton; 103; River Philip & Halfway River
  • Clayton A. Colpitts; 101; Diligent River
  • Vera (Simmonds) Bowser {deceased}; 100; Leicaster
  • Alex Burbine; 98; Lower Cove
  • Inez (Chapman) Finley; 97; Chapman Settlement
  • Kathleen (Sullivan) Dwyer; 96; Amherst
  • Irene Boudreau; 96; Joggins
  • Gerry A. Clarke; 96; Hastings
  • Bill Gilroy; 95; Linden & Stanley
  • Muriel (Smith) Allen; 95; East Wallace
  • Isabella “Bella” LeBlanc; 93; Amherst
  • Earl Clark; 93; New Salem & Advocate
  • Allan M. Roblee; 92; Streets Ridge
  • Earl Gouche; 91; Nappan
  • Merle (Betts) Moore; 91; Middleboro
  • Ruth “Bunny” Symes; 91; Minudie
  • Clarence Reid; 90; Fenwick
  • Sydney “Sunshine” Melanson; 90; River Hebert
  • Ruth (Wood) Ripley; 90; Port Howe
  • Sheldon Bruce Moore; 90; Mansfield & East Leicastr
  • Elvie Lowther; 90; Leicaster area
  • Marion (Baird) Thompson 89; Little River area
  • Clayton Graham; 89; Diligent River
  • Bina Alice (Brander) Brownell; 89; Northport
  • Charlie Farrow {deceased}; 89; Malagash
  • Garnet Ezra Rushton; 88; Westchester
  • Muriel (Crawford) Purdy; 88; Millvale
  • Elda (Hunsley) Lowther; 88; Leicaster area
  • Alice (Ogden) Hudson; 87; Oxford
  • Evelyn (Skidmore) Wasson; 87; New Canaan
  • Vera (Thompson) Furlong; 86; Lower Shinimicas
  • Bob Atkinson;86; Westworth Stn. & Fort Lawrence
  • Arnold Blenkhorn; 86; South Athol & Southampton
  • Raymond Halliday; 85; Rose
  • Elijah Matthew Brown; 85; East Mapleton
  • Aubrey V. Hoeg; 85; Maccan
  • Keith Purdy {deceased}; 85; Westchester
  • Jennie (Weeks) Embree; 83; Chapman Settlement
  • Helen (Hayes) Breau; 82; Springhill
  • Daisy (Corbin) Morris; 81; West Advocate

Read more about the DVDs at the April 5, 2009 edition of The Chronicle Herald (buried about mid-way in the article).

Check out the Cumberland County Genealogical Society Site and maybe even order a DVD!