70 Great Resources for Irish Research

You’ll find a listing of 70 excellent resources for Irish research at the Crestleaf blog. Following is a teaser:


For the 33.3 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry, it can be an overwhelming task to sift through the plentiful Irish genealogy and family history resources available on and offline. In the spirit of Irish-American Heritage Month, we’ve decided to offer up a helping hand in your big Irish family research by compiling a list of 70 Irish ancestry resources so you can fill in some genealogy research gaps, and discover new Irish family stories that might be missing from your family tree.

Check it out.

One thought on “70 Great Resources for Irish Research

  1. I am seeking information on Patrick Harkins (7/18/1829-2/22/1875) I believe he was born in Galway, Ireland, immigrated to the US (Pennsylvania) around 1847 and married Mary Whitman in 1848. I do not know his parents names or hers. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Deb Raymond

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