The Florida WPA Church Archives Inventory


In searching the Florida State Archives digital collections found at Florida Memory, I ran across this wonderful collection of church-related documents produced by the WPA. If you have early 19th and 20th century Florida ancestry, these documents will be of interest. The following is from the website:

This collection of Works Progress Administration (WPA) church records is from the State Library of Florida’s collections. One of the most significant undertakings of the Historical Records Survey was a nationwide survey of churches and church records, known as the Church Archives Inventory.

Church Archives Inventory
Each state created a list of known churches and synagogues to be surveyed, organized by county. Survey workers then ventured out into the field to document church histories and record holdings by interviewing clergy and congregation members. This collection contains the documents created by the state of Florida.

Form 20HR
The form used by field workers for the Church Archives Inventory, titled “Form 20HR,” included fields for church name (or names), address, name of the pastor, architectural and building details, race and size of the congregation, location of church records, and additional information deemed relevant.

Search the WPA Church Records Florida Memory website by pastor, church or denomination.

Browse the WPA Church Records Florida Memory website.

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