Now Has Over 10M American Indian Records

The following excerpt is from the November 7, 2014 edition of

Genealogy site has added millions of new American Indian records for the use of those who think they may have American Indian blood, according to AP.

The idea came about due to a slim 5.2 million people identifying themselves as having American Indian or Alaskan Native ancestry on 2010 U.S. Census forms.

Estimates as to those who have American Indian in their genealogy were much higher. figured that a lot of times, people just don’t know their genealogy very well or that they have American Indian blood.

So, to help solve that problem, the genealogy website has partnered with the Oklahoma Historical Society to add the American Indian historical records, as well as images, to its website. will now have more than 10 million American Indian historical records. That makes it the largest online collection of American Indian genealogy out there.

Read the full article – Warning – turn down your sound.

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