Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………… Week’s Peek

Only 104 days until the December rendezvous of the 30th annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour. Are YOU planning to come? Are YOU registered? Leland reminds us that due to a booking snaffoo (back in 2013) our group can only have 60 rooms this year. So if you are planning to come and are not yet registered, better get onboard asap. Click to the tour website: 

Let’s review some of the reasons why you might want to join the Salt Lake Christmas Tour:

1.  Great way to enter the Christmas season………. coming on the tour “forces” you to get all the Christmas business done before you go so you can relax and enjoy the holiday for the rest of December. (Works that way for me!)

2.  Enjoy all the “Christmas” on Temple Square. From the poinsettias to the Christmas trees to the Christmas music to the millions of Christmas lights………… you are surrounded with the beautiful things of the season.

3.  Enjoy the Family History Library without the lines at the copiers and without having to hunt for a vacant spot to work or a computer to work upon.

4.  Benefit from all the professional help available to you from our team of researchers hired for just that purpose: to help YOU.

5.  Learn from the classes of Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Alzo and others.

6.  Catch up with old friends…………. some have been coming for years and years.

7.  Enjoy a chance to wear those Christmas shirts and sweaters!!!

8.  Eat a great morning breakfast during the tour, spread out by the Cattaneos just for us, and win prizes daily.

9.  Have a full week of research without any strings attached…….no schedules, no family duties, no hassles.

10. Because you get the full attention of the Salt Lake Christmas Tour’s Mother Hen:  ME!

Donna Big Girl Panties This is your Mother Hen wearing the “Big Girl Panties” given to her during a breakfast on the tour by Thomas MacEntee. They fit nicely, don’t you think?  (Oh, yes, we do have a good time!)

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