Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………….. Week’s Peek

Four months into the year of 2014. And we all exclaim: Where DID the time go? Time does surely seem to just melt away.

But we all also realize that we each and every one of us has 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, all to use for ourselves. Much of that time is spent in just getting on and keeping on with life. But in your optional hours what do you do?

I’m talking genealogy here. If you are planning to come on the Salt Lake Christmas Tour are you spending some of your optional hours studying what you already know about your ancestors and what you want to learn about them?

I’m working on this problem:  Marquis Calmes of a Huguenot family that came around 1700 to Virginia and married in 1725 to Winnifred Waller. So states every genealogy posting, history, documents, ANYTHING I’ve found on this couple, this family. But apparently Winnifred was from some other planet and beamed down to earth just in time to get married in 1725! She could, might be, possibly be, the daughter of John Waller or William Waller or Thomas Waller……… all of whom left very little tracks through history.

So if I’m wanting to solve this problem (and remember, our Salt Lake Christmas Tour prides itself on offering you nearly-guaranteed brickwall solving), I’ve got to do my part first. I’ve got to spend some of my hours reviewing everything I have and everything I can find (thank you, Grandma Google!) about Winnifred Waller and the colonial Waller families in Virginia. If I come prepared to the Salt Lake Christmas Tour, the experts will know what I’ve done and where I’ve looked and can suggest to me where to go and look next.

Now that’s good use of time.

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.


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