Salt Lake Christmas Tour………………. Week’s Peek

DNA kits 2 DNA kits hall 2


Our Salt Lake Christmas Tour family seems to be quite interested in the topic of DNA. This is especially true after our last December’s tour when Crista Cowan and Anna Swayne both came from to tell us and teach us about DNA and the DNA testing.  (In the above pix: here we are lining up to purchase a kit and there we are in the hall having a “spit party.)

I came across a news bit from a 2006 publication of my local genealogical society where one item of big news back then was proving that the bones and skull found were, indeed, those of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Here is a newspaper summary of that story:

An April 2013 story was wild:

How about this medical assessment:

One of my favorite movies of all time was Amadeus, the life story of Mozart. This story is but one news story about which that I would love to read some following-up stories! Mozart did have children; wouldn’t it be wonderfully fun to connect to that line? Or find somebody who does?



Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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