Salt Lake Christmas Tour………….. Week’s Peek

Vote now for your “Best Reason To Come On The Salt Lake Christmas Tour So That I Can Break Down My Brickwalls”:

1.  Your chance of successfully breaking through a brick wall is with the SLCT and our team of profession genealogists. Our ratio of helpers to tour folks is about 1 to 7….. the very best of any tour to Salt Lake and the Family History Library.

2.  You’ve spent way too long hoping for a break on your brick wall problem! Come on the SLCT where our track record for attendees finding new ancestors (i.e., breaking through a brickwall) is about 80%.

3.  If your brickwall is going to be broken down, it very likely will be during the SLCT. Our army of professionals practically guarantees results.

4.  Bottom line, come let us help you deal with your brick wall problem. Unless your ancestor beamed down from the planet Klingon (or any other planet!!) we will deal with and at least give you new insight onto that problem.

P1070129 (640x480)


This is a “tombstone” or burial mound constructed of lava/basaltic rock that I photographed on Maui in February 2014.

Come let us of the SLCT help you break down your “lava/basaltic” brick wall and make a burial mound from it……… ie, we’ll help you find out where that ancestor is buried!!

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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