Blogging on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet


A few days ago, I made some changes to my Sprint cell phone service and got a free tablet in the process. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It has a 7 inch screen, bigger than my iPhone, but still much smaller than any computer I have used before.

Now don’t get me wrong… “Free” also meant that Ì was obligated to a two year data contact about $15 per month. I almost declined getting the free tablet, but decided maybe I could use it for blogging. This blog is being written using the tablet.

I purchased a case and external bluetooth keyboard for about $40, thinking that this might keep the tablet in better shape, as well as allowing me to type a little easier. Thus far, I am finding the slight delay between the keyboard and screen to be a bit disconserting. I find that I have to press the keys a lot more solidly than I am used to. It’s also really easy to accidentally turn on the caps lock key when hitting shift. I imagine that these are things I can get used to. Note that these are all keyboard issues, and have nothing to do with the operations of the tablet itself.

I just imported the photo, and that process seems to work okay. This just might work. Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Blogging on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet

  1. Few things

    Firstly how did yours end up costing 15$ a month? I just took the 5$ plan and keep mine strictly on wifi. Second the blue tooth keyboards that come with those cases are generally awful.. I’ve tested the same keyboards with a Playstation 3,4 PC and a Mac and the delay is still present in all cases. Once I bought a higher quality small blue tooth keyboard and a case that simply stands up on its own the issue really never shows anymore.

    Goodluck with the rest of your experiment.

  2. I’ve been trying this experiment as well.I have a galaxy tab pro 10.1. I returned the twelve inch version for being too big. I had a keyboard for the twelve inch and experienced the same delays. I find using Swype to be far better for writing like I’m doing here with this comment. As to how this would be with blogging is debatable. I think using my laptop is much more preferable as the WordPress Android app does not have the amount of functionality as the browser does. You can’t do featured images with the app. Bluetooth has come a long way, what they’ve done with audio and even mice is great, but keyboards don’t seem to work as well.

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