Pomerania: Atlantic Bridge to Germany — Back in Print and Discounted 15% for a Short Time

o-bk233Many years have passed since North America has seen any of its national boundaries change. Most of the World has proven less stable of recent decades. Even Europe has seen its share of change. World history is wroth with the ebb and flow of political and military boundaries. During the middle ages and on up to the First World War a modest portion of western-central Europe was a land of ever changing boundaries. In the heart of this area were the German people. At different times, different rulers and governments ruled the various lands, including areas of modern France, Austria, and more. As maps changed, so did the names of towns and parishes throughout the region. At one point a town may have a German name, and at another time a French name. Sorting out the names of places, as they would have appeared on records and documents at any particular time in history is difficult. Fortunately, researches have spent countless hours reviewing and documenting these variation.

Pomerania: Atlantic Bridge to Germany is the third book in this series. “The splitting of Pomerania in 1945 between Germany and Poland has caused considerable problems for genealogists. Also World War II and its aftermath destroyed many records. Those records that survived are scattered in numerous German or Polish Archives, remain in the local church or civil offices or ended up in private hands…

This book is an attempt to identify most of the places in Pomerania before 1920 along with indicating the location of available church and civil records.”

This book has been out of print for some time. Fortunately is was just reprinted and copies are available.


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Table of Contents

Introduction and Explanation




Swedish Pomerania

Vorpommern and East Germany

Hinterpommern and Poland

Major border Changes

Minor Border changes

Governmental Districts

Governmental District History

Rural Lifestyles







Old Lutherans



German Archives

Church Records

Civil Records

Family History Library

Resources for Research






Where are the Pomeranian Church and Vital Records?

Writing to Poland

Writing to Germany

Bibliography & Footnoes

Key to Map Terms

Maps of Pomerania

Placenames of Pomerania


Alsace-Larraine: Atlantic Bridge to Germany is available from Family Roots Publishing; Item #: OBK531, Price: $24.45.

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