Back Issues: Family Chronicle & Internet Genealogy Aug/Sept 2012

fcma13Last week I wrote a review on a specific issue of Internet Genealogy — Time Management Tools, Evernote, and More. In the article, I extolled my belief in the value genealogist can find in back issues of relevant magazines:

“A fantastic, and relatively inexpensive, way for genealogists to learn new skills and garner new ideas is through back issues of genealogically oriented magazines. It is impractical to subscribe to every magazine on every topic of interest for any individual. If I were to take all the magazines that were available for my favorite hobbies, ones that are work related, and journals to keep abreast of modern world events, I would have hundred of magazines filling my mailbox with no time to read them. Instead, I subscribe to the ones I find most valuable or enjoyable. Occasionally, I will find a single issue from a magazine I don’t subscribe to but where the one copy has, in my opinion, enough interest or value to justify its single edition purchase.”

Keeping to this mindset, I asked Leland Meitzler to pull a couple more back issues of different magazines out of the Family Roots Publishing warehouse, so I could offer up a synopsis and article list for each. Hopefully, you will find some value in these issues. If not, there are plenty more listed at Family Roots Publishing’s website. Find one that interests you and give it a try.

In hand with me now are Family Chronicle Mar/Apr 2013 (“The how-to-guide to tracing your ancestors) and Internet Genealogy Aug/Sept 201, featuring “50 Top Sites For Genealogy Research!” Each offers a bonanza of articles on a variety of genealogical research topics.

igas12Inside the Family Chronicle issue you will find tips for establishing a “timeline in six steps,” and information on “solving research mysteries through photographs.” I personally enjoyed the article on Italian to American English naming traditions, like how Vincenzo becomes James. I have little to no Italian in my family. However, the article was interesting enough and made me think of other cultural and language variations have been adopted as people from all over the World have immigrated/emigrated between so many different countries.

The Internet Genealogy volume provides a list of 50 useful sites to family historian, along with some of these great topics:

  • 20 Groups You Should Follow on Twitter
  • Finding Your Scottish Ancestors on the ‘Net!
  • Life of a Prairie Man: Preserving Memories
  • Database Gems: The Adam Matthew Group
  • Two Mobile Apps Reviewed!
  • Discovering PeoplePlotr

Copies of each are available from Family Root Publishing.


Contents of Family Chronicle Mar/Apr 2013

Establishing a Timeline in Six Steps

Marianne Perry shows how creating a timeline can help you to solve a family history research problem

On the Other Hand

Beverly Smith Vorpahl equivocates on’s trembling leaves

How Did “Vincenzo” Become “James?”

John Philip Colletta, Ph.D examines Italian name traditions in America

Picture Perfect

Richard H. Goms Jr. details how he located his ancestors through diligent detective work and a little help from some photographs

Crossing Without Bridges

David A. Norris looks at fords and ferries and how they took our ancestors where bridges did not go.

FGS 2013 Preview: Journey through Generations

Harold Henderson invites you to find experts, fellow genealogists, and you ancestors in Fort Wayne!

Searching for the Golden Nut

Greg Green offers tips on how to find those “interesting” ancestors

The Lighter Side

Lianna LaLiberte reveals her secret: she’s a genealogy addict

All You Need to Know About Research Logs

Arnon Hershkovitz explains why keeping a research log can increase your chances for success down the road

Researching the British Army Abroad

In part one of his look at records for the British Army abroad, Ed Storey examines the structure of some useful sources to gain information on military ancestors

Research Resources

We look at some recent releases of books on family history research

Look at the Bigger Picture!

Dave Obee argues that genealogists are really historians rather than family historians


Contents for Internet Genealogy Aug/Sept 2012

MyHeritage Mobile App Reviewed

Tony Brady reviews’s mobile app

Ancestry Mobile App Review

Tony Brady is crazy for mobile apps! Here’s another from


Diane L. Richard highlights the World Memory Project, and Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Historic Pathways

50+ Top Sites for Genealogy!

Tony Brandy highlights over 50 websites your should know about for your genealogy research!

Adam Matthew Group Databaes

Diane L. Richard looks at two important collections: Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, and the Virginia Company Archives

Arthur Toepel: Defender of Liberty

Constance R. Cherba delves into the short life of 1st Lt. Arthur Toepel, WWII USAF bombardier

The Life of a Prairie Man

Pat Javor details how she created a photo book to commemorate her father’s wartime experiences

PeoplePlotr Review

Tony Brady shows a new way to display your genealogy research

Unlocking Pennsylvania Records

Lisa A. Alzo looks at birth and death indices now available for the state of Pennsylvania

20 Groups to Follow on Twitter

Gena Philibert-Ortega keys in on some important groups you should follow in Twitter

Scots on the Internet

Amanda Epperson, Ph.D., shows you where to find your Scots ancestors online

The Back Page

Dave Obee speaks out on the importance of supporting your library

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