Internet Genealogy — Time Management Tools, Evernote, and More

A fantastic, and relatively inexpensive, way for genealogists to learn new skills and garner new ideas is through back issues of genealogically oriented magazines. It is impractical to subscribe to every magazine on every topic of interest for any individual. If I were to take all the magazines that were available for my favorite hobbies, ones that are work related, and journals to keep abreast of modern world events, I would have hundred of magazines filling my mailbox with no time to read them. Instead, I subscribe just to the ones I find most valuable or enjoyable. Occasionally, I will find a single issue from a magazine I don’t subscribe to but where the one copy has, in my opinion, enough interest or value to justify its single edition purchase.

Family Roots Publishing offers a variety of back issues of popular magazine with significant genealogical interest. For example, their collection contains a number of issue for magazines published by Moorshead Magazines, Ltd. Moorshead publications includes Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and History Magazine. As back issues, the quantity available varies. Some may be available for years to come, others may only last the week. Fortunately, we live in the digital age such that some editions are available in .pdf format, even after the print copies are gone.

igfm13Following is an example of a valuable back issue. Internet Genealogy Feb/Mar 2013, still available in print or as a .pdf file, provides 12 unique article on everything from digital tools to specific online archives. There is even an article on where to find extensive historical information on Pan American World Airlines. Who knows, maybe your ancestor worked for this early flier, or flew on a particularly eventful flight.

The headline article in this addition addresses 10 online tools to help with time management. There is also an article on the ever popular Evernote, “Five Ways to Get More From Evernote.” See the contents list below for a full article listing.

So what is Internet Genealgoy (the magazine)exactly? Well, in the publishers words, “Internet Genealogy is your guide to successful genealogical research using the ever-increasing power of the World Wide Web. The magazine also covers advanced genealogical methods such as DNA analysis, as well as software and technology reviews, case studies, databases and other Internet-related family history topics.” Just like the topics listed below for this issue, each issue focuses on Internet topics of specific interest to genealogists.


Contents for Febm

The Historic New Orleans Collection

Tony Bandy looks at the rich genealogical and historical resources available to researchers

Heading for Freedom

Tony Bandy looks at Three Scale’s new mapping approach to genealogy and the underground railroad

WWI Enemy Alien Registration Records

Teresa Shippy shows us how to locate alien registration records from a tense period in American history

Five Ways to Get More from Evernote

Lisa A. Alzo looks at five of the newest features for the ever-popular Evernote

“What Was For Dinner?”

David A. Norris reveals that yesteryear’s specials are available online by searching historic menu collections

NLA Newspapers: An Invaluable Australian Resource

Gabrielle Morgan explains how to use Australian newspaper sources to help add context to the lives of your ancestors from Down-Under

The Genealogist as Talk Show Host

Colleen Callahan Wells details how she helped reunite a mother and son after sixty-four years


Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Are Your British Deceased Online?

John D. Reid unearths resources for finding final resting places in Britain

10 Time Management Tips for Genealogists

Lisa A. Alzo reviews some helpful programs and apps to help keep your research on track

Can You Acknowledge Receipt?

Carol Richey explores how researching your ancestors’ hobbies can add context to their lives

Pan Am: More Than Just A Flight!

Tony Bandy explores genealogy resources available for the once-mighty Pan American Airlines

The Back Page

Genealogy Conferences: Virtual or Live?

Genealogical Society Announcements

Classified Ads


Order a copy of Internet Genealogy Feb/Mar 2013 from Family Roots Publishing, and browse all the other great back issues available while you are there.

2 thoughts on “Internet Genealogy — Time Management Tools, Evernote, and More

  1. I had no idea that there were so many genealogy related magazines. You are right, it would take too much time (and cost too much money) to keep up with every single genealogy related article ever published.

  2. Wonder if some publisher would gather articles from other genealogy magazines and give us a magazine similar to “Readers Digest”? If RD can get permission to do it, why not someone else?

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