Family Found in the Bookstore

The following excerpt is from a great article by Jessie Montiz Hardy, posted at the January 17, 2014 edition of The Royal Gazette.

Barb Dallard and long lost adopted sister Jackie Garcia.
Barb Dallard and long lost adopted sister Jackie Garcia.

You can find a lot in an independent bookstore, information, entertainment – your long-lost family.

Adoptee Jackie Garcia, of Smith’s, was born and raised in Canada, but has lived in Bermuda for many years with husband Vic Garcia.

“Both my daughters, Kristi Garcia and Vicki Bruno are living in Canada now,” said Mrs Garcia. “I was visiting Canada and went into a bookstore in Alliston, Ontario. The bookstore was called A Novel Idea. The girl that owned the store and I got chatting about families. She said she did genealogy research. She became interested in it because her sister was adopted.”

Mrs Garcia told the bookstore owner about her adoption. She only knew her birth date, original name, Diane Elizabeth Ginn, and the name of the hospital where she was born.”

The bookstore owner said, ‘oh that will be easy to find’. Mrs Garcia was doubtful and went back to looking for reading material, leaving the bookstore owner to tap away on the computer. Ten minutes later, the bookstore owner called out: “I’ve found her!”

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2 thoughts on “Family Found in the Bookstore

  1. Thanks very much for posting this great story!
    I’m the bookstore owner up here in Alliston, Ontario, Canada that was blessed to play a part in helping reunite this family with their sister Jackie/Diane.

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