Salt Lake Christmas Tour ……………….. Week’s Peek

Have you visited the Salt Lake Christmas Tour website?? As of this evening, the countdown to our next December rendezvous is 330 days…………… I rather like that countdown feature, do you?

Agnes & Jerry Glasses


Here is one of the bestest photos from the 2013 tour……… Agnes and Jerry show off their prizes….. glasses with built-in reading lights! Don’t they look like they’re enjoying their great gifts?

P1060566 (480x640)


Here’s Joan in her “Our Family” vest……….. she’s put photos of her ancestral family on the back of her vest. Instant ancestor advertizing!

Sat Social Dee,Alan,Dick


Here is Dee and Dick and Alan serving ice cream at our Farewell Social………. they WERE having a good time, even if their expressions-caught-on-camera don’t show it.

P1060663 (640x480)


And just so you don’t forget me, here is your Mother Hen on the walk back from lunch. It was a cold but beautiful blue sunny day in downtown Salt Lake City as it often is in December.

Now is the time for any of you wondering if this tour is worth your time and investment to make the decision….. come! It is!  Our theme for 2014 will be “With Us You’ll More Likely Overcome Your Brick Walls.”  With our large staff of dedicated professional helpers, there is a really good chance that YOUR brick wall will fall………… but only if you come along on the 2014 Salt Lake Christmas Tour.  Click to  sooner than later!

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