a0084In continuing my reviews of Before Germanna, I offer you the details from Before Germanna, #11 The Ancestry Of Christler, Baumgartner, Deer, Dieter, And Lotspeich Families.

As previously noted, there were two Germanna colonies. Coverage of the first has been relatively thorough, and by comparison far more expansive. According to the authors of the Before Germanna series, this second colony faced hardships and misfortune from the beginning. The two groups were different in many ways and despite all being recognized as Germans there appears to have been few social interactions. Also, they claim, previous works regarding the Second colony were presumptive and “hopeful” but lacked definitive source materials. Using German parish records has allowed the authors of this book to reconstruct a more definitive view of the Second Germanna Colony of 1717.

“Each of the Second Colony families is treated separately in Before Germanna, a series of monographs discussing individual and groups of Second Colony families.” While the families listed on the cover are the center piece of the book, there are many surnames mentioned in this volume. Some of these surnames represent many individuals covered in this book, some only cover one or two people. However, the list of descendants after so many generations is likely to be exceedingly large.

The historical information alone is interesting. Not to mention, there are many who are sure to find their German ancestry tied in some way to this previously under appreciated early German colony.



The Second Germanna Colony of Virginia

The Ancestry and Origins of Theobald Cristler

Frederick Baumgärtner, Immigrant to Virginia

Martin and Johannes Hirsch, Immigrants to Virginia

Johann Georg Dieter of Schwaigern, Wüttemberg

William Lotspeich, Immigrant to Virigina

Revised Constituency of the Second Germanna Colony



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