Salt Lake Christmas Tour……………… Week’s Peek




Just a couple of weeks to go until our annual December rendezvous……. are you getting ready and/or excited?  For you first-timers joining us this year, the Christmas lights on Temple Square are always a highlight of the trip. It’s a COLD walk out to see them, but well worth the red nose and chilly fingers.

When you arrive on Sunday, look for the Santa hats……… Dale Meitzler will meet you in one terminal and Maureen MacDonald will greet you in the other one. If you arrive before Sunday, bummer, but call for the hotel shuttle.

And do remember that the Plaza Hotel is not listed on that board-of-hotels-with-free-telephones.  You must call 801-521-0130 yourself to request the shuttle. Not on Sunday, however.

What to do on Sunday if you arrive early in the day, or if you arrive before Sunday? Not too much. If you’re here by 8:30am on Sunday, you can attend the free broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word, the weekly live radio broadcast from Temple Square. That Sunday it will be in the Conference Center, not the Tabernacle.

The Church History Museum will be open and usually they have a terrific display of nativity sets made from different media and from different countries in the world. That’s free too.

Then there is shopping, either three blocks west to the Gateway Mall or right across the street to the new City Creek Mall. (Things there are not free 🙂

You are always invited to hangout in the tour welcome or hospitality room. We’ll have snacks and drinks. We’ll be handing out the tour shirts, name tags and your syllabus. Joy Price plans to be there all afternoon for any one-on-one consultations to help you dive right into your research.

Cannot, cannot wait to share big hugs with all my alternate family!

Donna, aka Mother Hen

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