Iranian Research Centre in Hyderabad Proposed for the Preservation of the Persian Language

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Hyderabad [India]: Director of International Research and Educations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Hadi Soleymanpour said that the government of Iran would be pleased to establish an Iranian Research Centre in Hyderabad for the preservation and promotion of the Persian language.

He said that as The State archives is being a custodian of largest record of Persian language, an research centre on the lines of Daira-tul-maarif Arabic can be set up with the co-operation of the A.P.State Archives to facilitate the research on Persian record available in Archives. He also proposed to sponsor the publication of books with the compilation of translated work of Persian to English.

He was startled after witnessing the huge quantum of 3.75 million rare and historical record in Persian and Urdu languages date back to 1406 A.D preserved in the Archives.

Dr. Zareena Parveen, Director of the Archives explained that the Persian language was official language till the 1884 A.D. After that it was replaced, gradually, by Urdu language in the courts and later in the year 1887 A.D. it was implemented completely as an official language.

AP State Archives has the largest collection of Moghul record with 1,55,000 documents of the Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb era preserved here, she informed.

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