Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………….. Week’s Peek

John Smith


With a big bunch of us going shortly to Salt Lake to spend a wonderful research week in the Family History Library, I thought it might be a good time to bring up a point: THERE IS A LOT OF FOOLISHNESS TO BE FOUND…… as well as lots of “good stuff.’  

I copied the above from a tree on Ancestry……….. there is even a source citation! Only problem is that Pocahontas did NOT NOT NOT marry John Smith, she married John Rolfe. (The citation looks funny because I deleted out all the extras, and the poster’s name, from the tree.)

And the really bad news is that there are multiple trees including the John Smith-Pocahontas marriage! (Don’t these people stop to think??)

As we ready our notes for some serious research, please commit yourself to have documentation for every fact you find, no matter where you find it. Especially on Ancestry’s Trees or FamilySeach’s Trees.

Suggest you review the advice given in Proverbs 14:24: “the foolishess of fools is folly.” And Proverbs 15:2:  “the mouth of fools poureth our foolishness.”  Plan not to be among the foolish making incorrect additions to your family tree.

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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