Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google

mm009-pdfOver the past few years, the folks who publish Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and the History Magazine have created a series of journals offering a collection of previously published article, gathered together on a single topic. Here are some of the publications we have already seen:

Now, with a nod to technology and to Google’s place in genealogical research,  Moorshead Magazines, has published Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google. Undoubtedly, as the world’s leading search engine, Google plays a critical role in almost any online based research project; including, most likely, your own search for family.


“Over the years, anytime we’ve published a Google-related article, the feedback from our readers was phenomenal”


The issue’s welcome note makes this statement about Google’s popularity with their readers:

“Over the years, anytime we’ve published a Google-related article, the feedback from our readers was phenomenal, with many asking if we had other articles on this popular online resources. It soon became obvious that more and more genealogists were using Google’s various tools and resources in their research. From Google News and Google Books to Google Earth and Google Scholar, Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google will show you how to harness the power of the world’s most popular search engine and revolutionize your family history research! Now what are you waiting for? Get Googling!”

At 54 pages, this new journal offers 16 articles written by a collection of professional researchers and genealogists. You may know about Google, but how well do you really know how to use Google. You might be surprised at what you can still learn about this critical research tool.



Digging Deeper with Google

Dan Lynch describes some advanced features of this popular search engine.

Getting the Most Out of Google’s Tools

George G. Morgan shows us how to harness the power of Google’s many Resources

Genealogical Googling

Dan Lynch tells us how to get the most out of this important search engine.

Getting More from Google

Lisa A. Alzo shows you how to use Google to manage your research (and your life!)

Google: the Hits Keep On Comin’

Dan Lynch looks at the latest innovations form everybody’s favorite search engine and how it can benefit your genealogy research.

Google Scholar

According to Arnon Hershkovitz Ph.D, your ancestors’ academic papers can be a boon to your research!

LIFE Magazine Photo Archive Online

David A. Norris Looks a LIFE Magazine’s online archive.

Googling for Genealogy

Marian Press reveals some of the secrets of Google.

Googling Helps Your Genealogy Go Global

Dan Lynch shows you how to zoom in on your family history.

Delve Into the Past with Google

Marina Garrison documents the benefits of Google’s latest addition.

Google Books

Marian Press looks at what is available for genealogists and family historians through this website

Google: The Dot-Com Gift That Keeps Giving!

Dan Lynch shows you how to Google your family tree.

What’s In Your Google Toolbox?

Diane L. Richard looks at a great book from Lisa Louise Cooke.

Google’s Archives: News You Can Use!

Lisa A. Alzo shares five ways to find your family in this great genealogical resource.

Create Custom Google Maps

Bill Puller Shows you how to customize the ‘net’s most popular search engine!

Staying on Top of Your Research

Bill Puller shows how Google can help you stay on top of changes you online data


Get your copy of Tracing Your Ancestors Using Google from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $7.79. Or, get the ebook (PDF) version for only $6.95.

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