5-Book British Research Bundle at 60% Off Through December 24, 2013

Family Roots Publishing Company was just able to acquire a collection of seven British “Gibson Guides,” of which we still have five available. All are technically now out of print. Of the remaining titles we have as few as 15 copies. The collection is all specifically directed at researching British Ancestors – most of the info dealing with English research. These 5 books sell individually for anywhere from $7.50 to $10, with a total combined value of $42,00. For a limited time, FRPC is making them available as a “bundle” for 60% off – just $16.80 (plus $5.50 USA p&h).

This exclusive offer expires at Midnight EST (Not MST) December 24, 2013. Note that if we run out of some of these books during the promotion, that the sale will still be processed, and we will ship the remaining volumes, refunding $3.36 (1/5th of the bundle price) to the purchaser’s credit card for each book no longer available – keeping the price at 60% off for those shipped.


Following is a description of each of the books:

Lists of Londoners, Second Edition; by Jeremy Gibson and Heather Creaton
This is a guide to manuscript lists and indexes of people who lived or worked in London during various time periods. A collaboration between the Centre for Metropolitan History and the Federation of Family History Societies, it identifies unpublished indexes held in London record offices, local libraries, and family history societies. While a complete breakdown of the type of lists contained in the work would be somewhat excessive, we can point out several that are typical: parish records, marriages, wills, gravestones, censuses, taxes, oaths, and voters’ lists, among others. Entries typically include the title of the index, a rough estimate of the total number of names included in the index, and the abbreviated name of the compiler or holding institution (full names and addresses are given at the beginning of the book). For those researching elusive London ancestors, this is a magnificent aid.
Paper, 39pp, 1997, ISBN: 9780806315638, Item #GPC2193

Electoral Registers Since 1832; and Burgess Rolls, Second Edition; by Jeremy S. W. Gibson and Colin Rogers
Published annually since 1832, electoral registers list the names and addresses of everyone entitled to vote, noting the qualifications which brought each voter onto the register, such as current residence or ownership of property. During most of the 19th century the printed registers were arranged in alphabetical order by constituency, while later they were arranged in street order by parish. Thus they are used widely by genealogists as a tool to locate individuals in the various decennial censuses. Until now there has never been a guide showing just where these amazingly informative lists can be consulted, but this present work redresses that problem and provides a county-by-county inventory of published electoral registers held in libraries and record offices throughout Britain.
Paper, 60pp, 1990 (reprinted 2001), ISBN: 9780806312866, Item #: GPC2187

The Protestation Returns, 1641-1642, and Other Contemporary Listings; by Jeremy Gibson and Alan Dell
The Protestation–a form of oath of loyalty–was initiated by the House of Commons to determine the number of Roman Catholics in England and to defend the Protestant religion from all forms of “Popery.” Taken in 1641-1642, these Protestation Returns are the nearest there is (for the next two hundred years) to a widespread census of adult males. Surviving Returns, located today in the House of Lords Record Office, exist for about one-third of all English parishes. In alphabetical order by county, and therein by parishes and hundreds, this book provides an exhaustive list of all such Returns, also giving a list of published Protestation Returns. In addition, other contemporary records are itemized here, including the following: The Collection in Aid of Distressed Protestants in Ireland; The Covenants and Petitions to Parliament; and Taxation Records (Subsidy, Poll Tax, and Assessment or Grant). Taking account of all the records covered, this is an extremely important guide to name lists of the early 1640s.
Paper, 83pp, 1995, ISBN: 9780806315645, Item #: GPC2194

Bishops’ Transcripts and Marriage Licenses, Bonds and Allegations, A Guide to Their Location and Indexes, Fourth Edition, by Jeremy Gibson
This is a guide to the location of Bishops’ Transcripts and of the records connected with the issuance of marriage licenses in England, Wales, and Ireland, such as Bonds and Allegations. Also included are abstracts, calendars, and indexes to marriage licenses, published or not, and when these are lacking there is an indication of the arrangement of the surviving documents. English marriage records were maintained in a wide variety of ecclesiastical courts. Anyone searching for marriage records prior to 1837, when civil registration was introduced, will find this simplified guide to be of inestimable value. This new edition includes maps of ecclesiastical jurisdictions.
Paper, 56pp, 1997, ISBN: 9780806315690, Item #: GPC2176

Militia Lists and Musters, 1757-1876 – A Directory of Holdings in the British Isles, Fourth Edition; by Jeremy Gibson and Mervyn Medlycott
By law, a certain number of militiamen had to be recruited from among the able-bodied men in each parish. Thus, lists of all those eligible had to be drawn up by the parish constable, and where these survive (between 1757 and 1831) they constitute a veritable census. Along with the “Defense Lists”–the Posse Comitatus of 1798 and the Levee en Masse of 1803-04–and muster rolls of various militia regiments and local forces, these militia lists (in theory) are almost a complete census of the male population. Militias were generally raised on a county basis, and most of these voluminous records are found today in the various county record offices. This new work is a guide to the location of all such records in the county record offices throughout Britain.
Paper, 48pp, 2001, ISBN: 9780806316765. Item #: GPC2189

The collection is all specifically directed at researching British Ancestors – most of the info dealing with English research. These 5 books sell individually for anywhere from $7.50 to $10, with a total combined value of $42.00. For a limited time, FRPC is making them available as a “bundle” for 60% off – just $16.80 (plus $5.50 USA p&h).

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