Church HX Lib


This is the LDS Church History Library which is located just across (to the northeast) of Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.  It is a public library with a unique focus and it does have lots of  potentially “good stuff” for you.


his lib


Quoting from the Church History Library’s Research Guide:  “If your family has been associated with the Church, either in the United States or in other countries, the Church History library may have historical sources that can help bring your family’s story to life. The library houses diaries, memoirs, personal papers, correspondence, photographs, oral histories, local unit records and annual histories, and records from Church departments. Other materials offer historical context for your ancestors’ lives through the recorded perspectives of fellow countrymen, townsfolk, local religious leaders, neighbors, emigrants and travelers, and others with similar occupations and social experiences.”

Notice the words in bold:  “If your family has been associated with the Church…”  If there is an ancestor of yours who was a member of the Church, especially and even if it was “way back when,” there is likely some biographical information on him available to you. Even if they were not actual members of the Church but perhaps lived in the same towns or areas, or traveled the same westward migration trails, there might be some mention of them in the records of the Church.

When you’re in Salt Lake for the Christmas Tour in December you might want to go visit this library and see what they can find for you on your elusive “went west” ancestor. Can’t hurt, right? (And the library is right across the street when we’re on our way back from the cafeteria lunch.)

Counting down the days…………. just heard today that two of our favorites (CoraAnn and Ernie) are returning. Yay!

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.