The following exceprt is from a story by James Chilton in the October 13, 2013 dition of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Goodness… Some story…

CHEYENNE [Wyoming] — Growing up in California, Suzanne Handler never knew her aunt.

In fact, until she was 50, Handler didn’t even know she had an aunt.

But once she found out, she tried to learn more. What she discovered was a hidden shame that her mother and uncles had been hiding for decades.

“It was a secret in the family,” Handler said. “I never knew, and my cousins never knew, that my mother had a sister and that my grandfather shot and killed her.”

Handler’s search for the truth is now chronicled in a book, “The Secrets They Kept: The True Story of a Mercy Killing That Shocked a Town and Shamed a Family.”

The book was released last year, but it was only this past month that Handler’s quest to honor her aunt’s memory finally came to a conclusion.

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