Indiana Source Book: Genealogical Material From “the Hoosier Genealogist” 1982-1984, Volume 5 with Index

ihs029In recent blogs I have review the Indians Source Book, covering four volumes and an independent index to the first three volumes. These four volumes represent the work of Willard Heiss. He took upon himself the task of copying and printing into a single series of books all the abstracts of vital and genealogically important records which had previously been published in The Hoosier Genealogist, a quarterly of the Indiana Historical Society. He described the contents in the first volume as thus:

“The Hoosier Genealogist first appeared in 1962. Its editorial policy was an still is ‘to publish transcripts of original county records (such as marriage, land, will, and probate records), also church, Bible, and cemetery records.”

The abstracts come from many different sources, predominately covering the records from the 1800s. Heiss completed four volumes of work, covering nearly 20 years of the Hoosier Genealogists. Fortunately, especially for those with an historical or genealogical interest in Indiana, Rebah M. Fraustein took up where Heiss left off, and has given us Indiana Source Book: Genealogical Material From “the Hoosier Genealogist” 1982-1984, Volume 5 with Index. Fraustein had this to say about the book [taken from the Introduction]:

“Innovations appear, such as ship passenger lists of persons who indicated their destinations as Indiana, naturalization records, graphics, such as ship lanes from Ireland and England, and brands for cattle…Extracts from early local newspapers are continued, giving one an historical perspective of the times and the mode of life. Many articles were too long to [be] published in one issue; they were continued in later issues.

THG editorial policy has always been to print as much material as possible. Of the ninety two Indiana counties, some sort of material concerning over one third of them appeared in these twelve issues.”


Copies of Indiana Source Book Vol. 4; Genealogical Material From “the Hoosier Genealogist” 1973-1979 and other volumes in this set are available at Family Roots Publishing; Price: $15.00


Table of Contents

Cambridge City Presbyterian Church

Extra ts from Indiana Gazette

Facts from 1826 Indiana Gazette

Dearborn County Voters 1805

Jeremiah Farmar (Farmer) Bible

Early School Records, Fall Creek Township, Maison County

Crawford county Naturalizations

La Grange County Nationalizations, 1825-1829

David Martin Bruce Bible

Duplicate Tax List, Wabash County, 1835

Branum-Ball Bible Reocrds

Vincennes Celebrates Founding 250 Years Ago

Extracts from 1826 Indiana Gazetteer

John W. Bone Family bible records

Linus Eberhard (Eberhart0Bible Reocrds

Marshall County Tax Duplicates, 1843

Earliest Ripley County Nationalizations, 1818-1843

An “Orphan Train” Stops at Danville

Christian Mylin Family bible

Baptist Cemetery, Wills Township, Laporte County

Roberts Family bible

The Western Ranger, Porter Co., 1847-1849

Extracts from 1826 Indiana Gazetteer

Lasselle Papers Post Vincennes, 1788

Extracts from Fayette Observer, 1826

Orange County Nationalizations, 1840-1905

Marchall Co. Tax Duplicates

Shaw Family Bible Reocrd

Yoder Family bible

Aliases in Marion county Will Index

Harvey & Phebus Cemetery

Indiana Records Fond in “Loose Papers: Franklin County, Tnnessee

Born in Indiana, Died in Illinois

Marriages, Waldron Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, Southeast Indiana Conference, 1864-1900

Shenandoah Co. Virginia to Indiana

Summerfield Vawter Cemetery, Center Township, Jennings County

Andrew Boorkover Family Bible Records

White County Original Will and Estate Papers

Valentine Morgan Bible

Census of Head of Families Resident Population and Legal Voters Plainfield, Guilford Township, Hendricks County, Indiana

Warren County Stock Marks, 1827-1831

Extracts from The Philanthropist, 1838

Extracts from the 1833 Indiana Gazetteer

Darius Pattterson bible

Mordecai Davis bible

Family Record of Issac and Sarah R. Fowler from the Account Book of Isaac Fowler

Cass County Naturalization Applications???

Immigrants to Indiana from Ship Passenger Lists at New York

Extract from Evansville Gazette, 1821

Vanderburgh Co. in 1826, 1833 & 1850 Gazetteers

McBride Bible Records

Bowman Family bible

Account Book of Dr. Solomon W, Biddiger of Decatur and Bartholomew counties

The Updike Family bible and Barkley Family Reocrds

Heffley Family Records

Wabash & Erie Canal

“Stray” Hosiers who died or married in Vancouver, British Columbia

James Hammond Bible

The Wm. P. Bryan & Henry Clauson Bibles

Konsanke Funeral Home Records, Kouts, Porter Co., Indiana

Wells County Naturalization Final Otaths

Lee (Methodist_ Cemetery, Cotton township, Switzerland County, Indiana

Fort Wayne in the 1833 Gazetteer

Born in Indiana, Died in Illinois

Abstracts of Notices of Death from the “Morgan County Gazette”, 1853-1854

Pupils of Snow Hill School, 1867-68 and 1870-71, Whitewater Township, Franklin County, Indiana

Some Vincennes Residents in 1805, form the Lasselle Mss. Collection

Family Traditions vs Facts

Immigrants to Indiana from Customs Ship Passenger Lists to New Orleans and New York

William McManaman Account Book

No W.P.A. Indexes

Wayne County, In. Nationalizations book #2, 1853-54

Account book of Stewart William Kellems, m.D., Dubois County

Seventh Federal Census of Prisoners in Indiana State Penitentiary

Bibles of Isaac Wason Blake and Charles Abel Blake, Parke County

Warren county Bounty for Wolf Scalps

Kellems Family Rocrds

Biographical Sketches of Indiana Civil War veterans

Bible records Gilbert Hayes Family, 1790-1906

Decatur County 1896 School Enumeration

Hamilton County & Noblesville in the 1826, 1833 & 1850 Gazetteers

Land Purchased in Marion County 1821-1824

More Immigrants to Indiana from Customs Ship Passenger Lists to New Orleans

Immigrants to Indiana 1853-1855 from Customs Ship Passenger Lists to New York

The Daniel Family Bible & Records

Hamilton County Marriages, 1837-1843

Graves Cemetery, Van Buren, Twp. Clay County

Blake Bibles

Shipping Lanes & Port Maps, England & Ireland

Immigrants to Indiiana

Land Purchased in Marion County

Biggers to Minnesota

Obits of Former Hoosiers who did in Illinois

Marvin Bible

Cox Family of Parke County Indiana Bible Records

Smiths in Nettle Creek Cemetery, Wayne County

Henry & Mary Barkman Family Bible


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