The Portable Genealogist: Organizing Your Research

ne33Last month I had the opportunity to review three new fantastic laminated guides published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS). Those guides were:

A few more have shown up in the mail and I have the opportunity to share these with you over the next few weeks. In this round I will feature The Portable Genealogist: Organizing Your Research. This title is another by NEHGS Genealogist and author Rhonda R. McClure.

Organizing family research can feel to some like trying to conduct a major spring cleaning without chemical, rags, dusters, vacuums, or any assistance. Without the correct tools and a planned approach you may as well not even begin. Fortunately, now there is this new guide to help.

“This Portable Genealogist will offer practical advice on how to organize your research and files, keep track of families, and create goals to guide future research.” You may already be an expert at research, but every tip helps when organizing any amount of research data, and of course, help keeping it organized.

Here’s what you will find in this new guide:

Page 1 covers organization basics with sections on choosing an organization system, maintaining consistency, and leaving a paper trail.

Page 2 looks at tracking families through traditional forms with an emphasis on numbering and management.

Page 3 discusses the value of research logs and the planning of future research.

Page 4 finishes off with filing, both paper and computer.

There are six stand out tips in this guide. Not bad for just four pages. Plus, there is a list of recommended resources worth the additional reading for those serious about organizing and maintaining their research.

Order The Portable Genealogist: Organizing Your Research and many other popular laminated guides from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $6.81

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