Salt Lake Christmas Tour………………….. Week’s Peek

How many have already made their reservations for the Salt Lake Christmas Tour which is coming up zooming fast upon us?  Almost more importantly, how many have been picking out the problems on their family tree that cry to be solved this December?

I’ve talked to a couple of folks on these subjects and have even suggested that they might could send me their group sheets and problem outline ahead of time to give to one of our research experts. Idea?

Here is a link to the “Tips for Coming to the Library:”

Most of you probably know what to do to be prepared for a great research week but a review never hurts.

The biggest thing I notice about your immediate needs when you come is this: You immediately tromp off to the nearest grocery store (several blocks away) to purchase food supplies for the week. No problem with that. But why not fill the extra spaces in your suitcase with such stuff? Lots of snacks fit into the crevices and sides of your luggage. And do keep in mind that we furnish a free breakfast to you, we all enjoy trooping over to the cafeteria for lunch and many who do bring back a box for dinner. Why would you want to hibernate in your room when there is such family food fun to be had???

Next thing I’ve noticed is that you bring an over-stuffed notebook to Salt Lake and proceed to page through it looking for whatever it is that you want to work on during the week. Wrong approach, in my humble opinion. So that letting-your-fingers-walk-through-the-pages before you come and bring only the pages and papers necessary to that week’s work. Makes much better sense.

Here are some photos shared to pump up your enthusiasm:


Glorias TSquare 2 Glorias TSquare 3 Glorias TSquare 4 Glorias TSquare

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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