Family History Expos Will Not be in St. George or Mesa in 2014

Family History Expos
A few days ago, Holly Hansen announced that Family History Expos will not sponsor their annual conference in Mesa, Arizona or St. George, Utah this next year. This came as a surprise to me, as I had thought that these were the more profitable of the Expos, being closer, and with traditionally large crowds. In her announcement, Holly stated that the RootsTech Conference, which takes place about the same time, played into the cancelation of the Expos. That makes sense to me, as many genealogists have just so much money to spend on conferences, and RootsTech is clearly the leader in this area in the USA – drawing huge never-before-experienced crowds. I’m sure that the high cost of the venues for the Mesa and St. George Expos also played into the decision to not attempt to compete for the dollar with RootsTech.

This weekend, Family History Expos is having their midwest conference in Kearney, Nebraska. Although Family Roots Publishing will not be in attendence, Billy Edgington stopped by on Wednesday morning to pick up books from us that will be displayed and sold there.

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