ISFHWE Excellence in Writing Competition Winners Announced

The International Society of Family History Writers and Editors is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Excellence-in-Writing Competition. This year, in addition to recognizing First, Second and Third Place, Honorable Mention certificates are being awarded to recognize the scope of quality entries. The winners are:

Category 1 – Columns
1st Place – Tara Cajacob, “Discover Zimmerman”
2nd Place – Pat Biallas, “Government Delivers in Honoring Civil War Vet” & “Graveside Rededication Presents a Step Back in Time”
3rd Place – Diana Crisman Smith, “Bitten by the Typo Bug”, & “The Research Report”
Honorable Mention – Susan Zacharias, “Web of Deceit – April-June 2012 & Oct-Dec 2012”
Honorable Mention – Pat Biallas, “Stamp Series Commemorates Civil War” & “Civil War Sesquicentennial Generates Abundance of Historical Offerings”

Category 2 – Articles
1st Place – Janis Forte, “What Legacy for David H. Driver”
2nd Place – Smiljka Kitanovic, “Military Family Research”
3rd Place – James W. Petty, “Black Slavery Emancipation Research in the Northern States”
Honorable Mention – Shannon Bennett, “How_to_get_started_with_genetic_genealogy_and_dna_research”
Honorable Mention – Margaret Barker, “The Twins”

Category 3 – Genealogy Newsletters
1st Place – Phyllis Matthew-Ziller, “Nov 2012 NCGS News” & “Sept 2012 NCGS News”
2nd Place – Mary W. Parker, “Newsletter June 2012” & “Newsletter Sept 2012”
3rd Place – Sunny Morton, “2012 02 OGN”, & “2012 03 OGN”
Honorable Mention – Janis Forte, “July/Aug2012 Newsletter” & “Sept/Oct 2012 Newsletter”

Category 4 – Unpublished Authors
1st Place – Sherri Hessick, “Just Another Love Story”
2nd Place – Victoria Kauzlarich, “The Accidental Historian”
3rd Place – Jodi Strait, “Curious Case of Charles Karthaeuser”
Honorable Mention – Robin Thomas, “Beneficiary of a Pack Rat”
Honorable Mention – Rondie Yancey, “After the War”

Category 5 – Unpublished Material by Published Authors
1st Place – LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, “Searching for the Slave Owners”
2nd Place – Nancy Calhoun, “A Lost Stone”
3rd Place – Andrea Ramsey, “Desperately Seeking Charlotte”
Honorable Mention – Kenneth Castle, “My Norwegian Ancestors”
Honorable Mention – Kathleen Broomer, “James A. Spillet Hatter, Newsdealer, Captialist”

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