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I’ve been thinking lately about OLD vs. NEW. Take telephones for instance. In a very short 100 years (give or take) think how far the telephone has come both in design, availability and capability. Remember how far-fetched Dick Tracy’s watch/telephone seemed in the 1950s? And the Star Trek communicators in the 1970s?

Dick Tracy


What about OLDER vs. NEWER in genealogy? Here are some comparisons that I gleaned from RootsTech 2013 last February:

 OLDER ………………………………………………. NEWER

“real” book                                                              digital book

“real” letter                                                             email

U.S. mail                                                                  Microsoft, AOL, Google, etc.

IRC (how many remember?)                          PayPal

send a check                                                          PayPal, credit card

all your paper files                                              Cloud storage

all your paper charts                                         Legacy, RootsMagic, FamilyTree, Ancestry

don’t have what you need when….              Ancestry and Family Search are ubiquitous

travel costs                                                            visit via the Internet

cost of buying books                                          ebooks

hard to make “away” friends                            meet everybody!

books without indexes 🙁                                word searchable online

go to public library                                             lists/catalog online

lose your one copy                                             back up x 3 or x 4 or more online

lost family Bible or diary                                  NEHGS or similar

clipped obit in newspaper                               digital newspaper

miss out on copying something                     FlipPal or portable scanners

need to learn the geography                           Google maps

need to learn word definitions                       Wikipedia

work alone                                                               collaboration

never meet “new” family                                    find dozens of cousins online

never able to attend conferences                  webinars

TIME                                                                          QUICK


So is NEWER necessarily better?  Can genealogy be done the OLDER way? Most surely it can but it takes way longer and is much more “iffier.”  I think that in the realm of genealogy researching NEWER is most definitely better! What do you think?

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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