Two Beautiful Heirloom Charts

Genealogists love their charts. Why shouldn’t they? Charts are easier to read than paragraphs of text. While a chart typically provides only an overview of information, they can make excellent references. Charts can also be beautifully crafted, providing an wonderful work of art to any home. Larger format charts are often printed on impressive paper stocks and may serve as excellent gifts, either blank or as a finished (filled in) family heirloom. Two such beautifully decorated and yet simple charts are the Celtic Rose and Jubilee by Tony Matthews.

celticrose copy

Celtic Rose

jubileechart copy



Both charts measure 22″ by 17″ (inches) and are printed on acid-free, archival, parchment-styled paper. Celtic Rose is a seven-generation, fan chart, while Jubilee is a twin-sided, six-generation, couples chart. Jubilee has space to note the wedding date and the names of any children. Each, when properly cared for, will last many life times.

Both Celtic Rose and Jubilee are available from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $11.76 each. Each chart is carefully shipped rolled in a tube for maximum protection and a no-creases presentation.

2 thoughts on “Two Beautiful Heirloom Charts

  1. Hello, Leland and Patty: I am interested in the Jubilee chart and would like to know If the company prints the names you want to put in, and how much are the shipping charges. Thanks. Roberta Baum

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