Siblings Reunited

The following excerpt is from an article posted in the July 18, 2013 edition of The Eatonton Messenger (Putnam County, GA).
Richie Murray and Sylbie Yon - photo by Kate Ramsey/Staff - The Eatonton Messenger

Sylbie Yon, longtime Putnam County resident and former county commissioner, received a telephone message in late May unlike any other she had heard before.

The voice on the other end of the line belonged to Lynne Murray, who asked Yon to call her back, “in regards to (Yon’s) mother, Evelina Rinehart Peters.”

“This is something I really need to have a conversation with you about,” the voice message said.

When she returned the call, not 30 minutes later, Yon learned that Lynne was her niece, the daughter of a brother she never knew she had.

“We talked for about 30 minutes, and when we hung up I still wasn’t sure what she said,” Yon explained last week.

“I knew what she was telling me, but how could this be true? I was tickled to death that I had a brother, I’ve never had a brother … I have a daughter and three grandsons … that was the sum total of my family in the entire world.”

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