Posts 1,198,635 New York Naturalization Petitions, 1794-1906

I see that has posted the New York Naturalization Petitions, 1794-1906. There are 1,198,635 records in the collection, wheich is from the National Archives. This is an amazing collection of records. On finding that the collection was posted, I immediately did a search on the surname “Meitzler.” I got a return of six Meitzlers in the database (with 80 total entries using the Soundex enries – Metzler, Matzler, etc.. But what I really learned was that my subscription had run out! So – after spending $148 for the next six months, I was again able to do full reviews of Ancestry products. A great side-benefit to that is that I get to continue researchering my own family with one of the greatest resources available – and I get to do this for less than $1 per day.

Once I got my subscripton up-to-date, I was able to see the records for the six “Meitzler” entries in the New York Naturalization Petitions, 1794-1906 database.

Following are those first six entries for the Meitzlers in the New York Naturalizations, 1764-1906 at

Clicking on the first entry – that for John Jacob Meitzler, I got the following:

See the website for this great new database. Note – members will be able to click through directly to the database, search and see their results, and go on to the original document with this link. Non-members will be be able to search, and see their initial search results, but will be redirected with the opportunity to join for a Free Trial period, or a full subscription. I am pleased to say that I have an affiliate relationship, and plan to keep it that way for a long time.

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