District of Columbia Name Lists 1600-1997, with a selection of National Name Lists, 1600s – Present

fr0225What’s in the District of Columbia edition?

Continuing our review for each of William Dollarhide’s name lists books, we detail the contents of District of Columbia Name Lists 1609-1992, with a selection of National Name Lists, 1600s – Present. Currently, there are nine new names lists books, and we are providing details on each.

In this book, names lists are detailed in the following database categories (with 380 total links for the state of District  of Columbia):

  • Early Land Owner Records
  • Court Records
  • Directories
  • Militia Lists
  • Veterans & Pensioners Lists
  • Tax Lists
  • Vital Records
  • Voter Lists

Here are some interesting notes taken from the databases descriptions in the book:

– Pre-District deeds exist form the Maryland side and the Virginia side of the areas that became the District of Columbia in 1790

– City Directories date back to the 1820s

– Early tax lists may include dowager widows, or maiden women who own property subject to taxation

The contents of the District of Columbia section of the guide include:

  • DC Names Lists / ca183 Map of DC
  • DC Historical Timeline
  • DC Jurisdictions
  • Bibliography of DC Name Lists, 1600-1997

Not only does this volume give a detailed bibliography of Name Lists available for the state, but links to websites, FHL book & microfilm numbers, archive references, maps, and key historical information make this volume invaluable to the researcher looking to extend their lines and fill in the family tree.

National Names Lists information included with every volume:

The National Names Lists have these categories (244 entries in all):

  • Federal Census Records
  • Immigration Lists
  • U.S. Military Lists
  • U.S. Veterans Records
  • U.S. Pension Records
  • National Vital Record

There are also a number of maps, including:

  • 1899 Alaska & Klondike Region
  • 1880-1940 Alaska Census Jurisdictions
  • 1763 British North America
  • 1784-1802 Western Land Cessions
  • 1790 United States
  • 1800 United States
  • 1810 United States
  • 1820 United States
  • 1830 United States
  • 1840 United States
  • 1850 United States
  • 1860 United States
  • 1870-1880 United States
  • 1890-1940 United States

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