Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………. Week’s Peek

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Had a nice “family” reunion with Melonie Liening at the recent Washington State Genealogical Society (WSGS) conference. I came south from Spokane to Yakima and she came north from Tacoma; Yakima is about mid-state. It was a great conference and worth the 400-mile round trip for me.

Eric Stroschein, president of the Puget Sound Chapter of APG,  was with us all of Friday afternoon with a “hands on” seminar held at the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society (YVGS) library building. This lucky group has an enormous new building all bought and paid for and miles of shelves of books. Tables an chairs for 50 were set up in the middle of the building and an afternoon of learning was had by all.

Bret Petersen came up from the Salt Lake area to teach us more about Using Newspapers In Our Research, Finding Those Maiden Names and The Shady Side of the Family Tree: Prison, Criminal, Asylum Records & More.  (I recommend him as a speaker/presenter to you and your society: ) This was his opening slide for his newspaper session………. doesn’t it just grab you right in?

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Was great fun to chat with Melonie and catch up our lives and doings. We’ll all see her in December; she says she’s already got her ticket!

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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