Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………. Week’s Peek

Surely one of you has the answer to my question:  How do I get more productive time in my life???? I found and just love this Google image clock. Time swirls around, past and over me just like this crazy clock shows.


I must learn how to manage and maximize my time to the fullest, right? Isn’t that what you would say to me? Well, I’ve been asked to do a presentation on researching our female ancestors and immediately chose not to reinvent the wheel and got a copy of  Tracing Your FEMALE Ancestors. I know this up-to-date compilation will give me more material than I need for my presentation. Got to maximize the time, right?




One of my dead end female lines is Catherine Mustard who married William Potter about 1730 in Maine (then a colony of Massachusetts). I hardly ever find anything on that unusual surname. Finally, after how many years of wishing, I’ve realized I need to read more about the history of the Scotch-Irish into colonial Maine. Duh. I did a Google search and found just the book I needed……… and bought a copy of this out-of-print 1910 book for 99 cents as an E-book:



Now I just need to make/take the time to read and study the book!  Anybody tell me how to unwind that crazy clock?

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