Status Animarum Records Posted for Saint Joseph Parish Church in Stari trg ob Kolpi, Slovenia

The following was received from my good friend, Jeff Bockman:
Record from the Parish Church of St. Jozef Stari Trg ob Kolpi, Slovenia
All 788 of the Status Animarum records covering the 1875 – 1886 period from the Saint Joseph Parish Church in Stari trg ob Kolpi, Slovenia have been posted. A few of the earlier records have also been posted.

Status animarum translates as “the state of souls.” They contain names and information about baptism, marriage, burial, and relationship to head of household for everyone living in a parish by house number. Spouses often show the town and house where they were born or moved. They were kept by the parish priests for internal purposes. Handwriting and format vaies by priest. These were filmed at the church in 1999 by a second cousin of some of my second cousins. Does that make her a second cousin-in-law?

The following villages/settlements are included: Decina, Deskova Vas, Dol, Dolenja Podgora, Gorenja Podgora, Dolenji Radenci, Srednji Radenci, Gorenja Radenci, Jelenja vas, Kot ob Kolpi, Kovaca Vas, Mocile, Paka pri Predgradu, Predgrad, Prelesje, Sodevci, Stari Trg ob Kolpi, Zagozdac. A few of the villages have been indexed.

These records are sort of a mulit-generational family group sheet that often contain at least three generations with links to the house and family of the spouses, and include comments about them going to Amerika or sometimes even the name of a city.

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Author: Leland Meitzler

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