Salt Lake Christmas Tour………..Week’s Peek



Guess who I ran into at NERGE (New England Regional Genealogical Conference)?  Since it was held in Manchester, New Hampshire, where Sue Miner lives, she attended and posed for her picture with Maureen MacDonald and me. Notice the shirt she’s wearing?

Have attended some wonderful talks and presentations and will share some of that knowledge here and via my own blog,… err, Tika’s blog…..

Heard some wonderful quotes and will share them today:

“One person’s brick wall is another’s opportunity to build.”

(Regarding the big databases) “If you belong.. or even if you don’t…. plug in your names and see!”  (Craig R. Scott)

“Genealogy is family stories that we back up with documents and citations to prove Grandma’s stories.”  (David Allen Lambert, NEHGS )

And really liked this from a huge freeway bill board from an insurance company:  “The first person to live to 150 years is alive today. So take care of yourself.”

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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