Salt Lake Christmas Tour……………….. Week’s Peek

Was there really one big rock at the beach on Plymouth harbor where the Mayflower Pilgrims stepped ashore? The folks in Plymouth, Massachusetts (where I am today) certainly will swear to it.

rock rock2

Years ago, a huge “display case” was built on the beach to showcase THE rock which is suitably engraved. They say that the original rock was part of a ledge and that still today most of that rock/ledge is underground.  Who really knows?  I do know that standing and gazing down at THE rock gives me a real feeling of connecting to history.

If you have early New England ancestry then you, too, likely have a Mayflower ancestor; I have eight lines going back to to folks who sailed aboard this little ship to a new life.  How many of us of tthe Christmas tour family are Mayflower cousins?? I’m traveling with Maureen MacDonald and we are cousins through William Bradford.

If you are a Mayflower descendant let’s compare notes, Cousin! And I wish you could re-live history here in Plymouth with me today.

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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