Identify Photographs at a Glance

Maureen Taylor, “The Photo Detective,” is a recognized expert in historical photography. She is known for her ability to study photographs for the historical clues that tell stories about the people and events portrayed in the images. Maureen has been featured many times in print and has even appeared on The View, Martha Stewart Living, and The Today Show. Taylor is an expert at extracting information from and dating old photographs.

Her books include these titles:

Despite all the knowledge you can gain from her various books, sometimes an easily carried, quick reference guide what the research most needs. Well, Taylor has an answer for this as well. Using her expertise, she has now created a simple, four-page, laminated quick reference guide for helping researchers Identify Photographs at a Glance. “This quick information sheet leads you through the photo identification process.” The guide includes a little bit of history, a little on photo care, a breakdown of the various types of photographs through history, as well as additional resources, from libraries and books to websites. Follow this guide and learn to Identify Photographs at a Glance.


Table of Contents

Milestones of Family Photography
Research Strategies
Labeling Your Family Photographs
A Perfect Label
Carte Des Visite
Card Photographs
Color Photographs
Researching Photographers
Websites to Research Photographers
Archives and Libraries
Fun Photo Websites
What to Do if You Can’t Identify a Picture
Reunion Websites


Order Maureen Taylor’s Identify Photographs at a Glance guide from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $7.79.

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