Fold3 Offering FREE Access to its Confederate Civil War Records thru April is one of my favorite websites. Having had a number of family members who served with the United States (and Confederate) Armed Services, the site has given me a wealth of detailed service information about them. Now I see that Fold3 is offering FREE access to its rich collection of Confederate Civil War records for the entire month of April. This contains 32 collections comprising of more than 19 million records, with the majority of the records created during the time of the Civil War.

Several of the records and publications from the National Archives’ War Department Collection of Confederate Records (RG 109) are digitized and appear on Fold3. These include Confederate Compiled Service Records, both the Union and Confederate citizens files, and Confederate Casualty Reports. All titles from RG 109 available on Fold3 are listed here with links to each title.

Additionally, Confederate Amnesty Papers, the Confederate Navy Subject File, the Turner-Baker Papers relating to Civil War Subversion Investigations, and files of the Southern Claims Commission are included as part of the free Confederate content for the month of April. Of unique interest, explore the compiled service records for the “Galvanized Yankees,” Confederate prisoners of war who were released by enlisting in the Union Army. Most of the CSA files contain a soldier’s declaration of “Volunteer Enlistment” with an oath of allegiance to the USA.

Learn more about your southern ancestors and those who fought for the Confederate States of America within the Civil War Collection on Fold3.

In full disclosure, I’m proud to have a affiliate relationship, and plan to keep it that way for years to come.

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