Using Your Smartphone for Recording Family History

The following excerpt is from an article posted in the 1 April 2013 edition of the Deseret News. The author, Alexis Jones, details some of the tips on using your Smart Phone for recording family history that Susan Kitchens gave out in her lecture (Recording and Preserving Family Stories Using Your iOS and Android Device) at RootsTech 2013.

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s natural to use special recording devices to preserve your family history, but with today’s technology, extra devices become unnecessary. You can use a tool that’s already in your pocket to record interviews.

That was the topic of Susan A. Kitchens’ session titled “Recording and Preserving Family Stories Using Your iOS and Android Device” at the RootsTech genealogy conference on March 21 at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Kitchens is an author and digital Renaissance woman who has won the Computer Press Award. She runs a website, “Family Oral History Using Digital Tools,” to document tools and techniques for recording, processing and preserving family stories.

Read the full article.

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