The Best from American Canals Number VIII

From Erie to Panama, American canals and major waterways have played a vital historical and economical role in the growth of the United States and cities throughout the country; especially, in the eastern states were canals were in use long before the iron horse came speeding along the industrial era.

In 1972 the American Canal Society was formed with the purpose “to encourage the preservation, restoration, interpretation and usage of the navigation canals of the United States, past and present.” From its beginnings, the society has produced the quarterly American Canals. The periodical provides information on North American canals and waterways, both past and present.

Taking from articles in their quarterly, the American Canal Society’s has published The Best From American Canals series. The forth of these publications recently featured on this blog is The Best From American Canals: Volume VIII. This volume contains another 79 selected articles representing the best from the years 1995-1997 in publications.

Each volume contains a variety of articles featuring the history, the restoration, and maintenance of America’s canals and waterways. There are also article of personal interest regarding these canals, trips taken and excursion available to anyone, along with society business and subject related to these waterways, but not directly about the canals and rivers themselves. For example, this volume features an article about the first Iron Warship.

Each of these volumes feature numerous pictures, diagrams, drawings, and sketches. These images don’t just show the canals, but help the reader understand the inner workings of gate systems, boat designs, construction tools and techniques, along with many historical images of life on the waterways of America.

The headlining article in this volume features the society’s “1996 journey through the Panama Canal, via Acapulco (Mexico), Costa Rica, the CANAL, Jamaica, Key West and Fort Lauderdale (Florida).” There are also articles on a variety of boats, life on the canals, and more. See the table of contents below to get a better idea of everything this volume offers.


Copies of The Best From American Canals Number VIII are available from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $7.79.

Read the other three volumes still available at Family Roots Publishing:


Table of Contents – Volume VIII

Table of Contents
The Panama Canal
National Trust for Historic Preservation
CSNYS – Explores Genessee & Erie Canals Part I
Canal Archeology in Indiana
New Erie Canal Book
“The Comeback Canal”
We Can Rebuild the Canal
CSNYS – Spring Field Trip – Part II
1995 International Conference on Canals
CSNYS – Spring Field Trip – Part III
1996 Quimby’s Cruising Guide Available
Arden Phair Resigns
Gowanus Canal
Lehigh Navigation
Butty Boats
Accident on Wabash & Erie
Erie Canal Restoration
Mules on the Erie Canal
New Stern Wheeler
Locks Rebuilt on the Illinois Waterway
Florida Lock & Dams
ACS Now on Internet
National Canal Museum Opens
President’s Message, World Canal Conference
Susquehanna River to be Dammed Again
New President
The 500 Locks
Wabash & Erie Canal Notebook
Americans on the French Canals
Towpaths to Trails
Up the Canal to the Mountains
“The Nail Makers” (New Book)
“The Artificial River” (New Book)
Why Was It Called the “Main Line”?
Washington City Canal
“Home on the Canal” (New Book)
South Hadley Canal Exhibit
Construction Days on the Wabash & Erie
Burtniak, New Director for Canada
Farmington Canal Exhibit
New Canal Map Available
The Old Union Canal
Middlesex Canal Publications
The Venice of America (California)
“When Horses Pulled Boats” – Part I
WHPB Also Available in Book Form
Alvin Fay Harlow
Venice Florida
America Canal & Transportation Center
Innkeeper Afloat
“When Horses Pulled Boats” – Part II
“Drivers Guide to the Welland Canal” (New Book)
President’s Message
New Editor
Wrecks on the I&M Canal
Canal Boat Wedding
Message From England
First Iron Warship – Lake Erie
President’s Message
New Editor’s Message
Venice, USA
Bumper Sticker
Narrow Lock, Wide Boat
European River Cruise
The Warwickshire Ring – Part I
Wanted – Boatman’s 18th Century Horn
Canal Octoberfest
Canals & Elderhostels
U.S. Canal Engineering
Roscoe Village in the News
Indentured Labor on the C&O
The C& O Destruction and Recovery
President’s Message
Canals, Steamboats, Railways & Trams
PA Canal Society Tours Union Canal
Happy Anniversary A.C.S. & W.C.C.
Boxing Alabama
The Warwickshire Ring – Part II
Global Positioning for Map Making

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