FamilySearch U.S. and Canadian Vital Records Databases Updates as of 12 March 2013

The following U.S.A. & Canadian vital-records oriented databases have been recently added or updated at This blog updates all five of the Online Database groups (see below) through 12 March 2013 [updated from 15 February 2013].

We’ve also updated all five of the GenealogyBlog Online Database Links Files.



Pennsylvania, Probate Records 1683-1994 Imaged Records – This collection includes probate records created in Pennsylvania counties. The records include wills, estate records and indexes -The records are broken down by county, and then by record type. Although not indexed by record, the collection includes the images of many indexes. 3201289 images as of 16 February, 2013; up 3,737 images from 27 June 2012.

[NEW] Maine, York County, Probate Estate Files, 1690-1917 – Imaged Records – This collection contains probate estate files from the York County Courthouse in Alfred. The files are arranged by case number and date – 508,689 images as of 16 February 2013.

[NEW] Maine, Kennebec County Probate Estates Files, 1779-1915 – Imaged Records -Probate estate files from the register’s office in Augusta – 271,532 images as of 16 February 2013.

[NEW] Maine, Somerset County, Probate Estate Files, 1809-1915 – Imaged Records – Probate estate files acquired from the Maine State Archives in Augusta. The files are arranged by packet or case number. Many packets were missing at the time this collection was microfilmed – 162,928 images as of 16 February 2013.

[NEW] Illinois, Tazewell County, Obituary Card Index from the “Pekin Times”, 1914-2007 – Indexed and Imaged Records – Name index and images of an obituary card index at the Pekin Public Library – 91,822 records and 183,750 images as of 21 February 2013.

Alabama, Probate Records, 1809-1985 – Imaged Records – This collection includes digital images of various probate records created in the county courts in Alabama. It includes wills, administrations, guardianships, estate inventories, bonds and other records – 322,058 images as of 21 February 2013; up 4,620 images from 27 September 2012.

Minnesota, County Marriages, 1860-1949 – Indexed and Imaged Records – Name index and images of county marriage records for Minnesota. Currently the following counties are represented in this collection: Anoka, Blue Earth, Brown, Carver, Cottonwood, Dodge, Faribault, Fillmore, Freeborn, Goodhue, Hennepin, Kanabec. – 282,469 records and 324,481 images as of 25 February 2013.

Louisiana Deaths, 1850-1875; 1874-1954 – Name index to statewide deaths. Coverage: missing years between 1875-1893; has only a few entries for 1894-1904. One part of these death records includes death records for only Jefferson Parish, 1850-1875 and 1905-1921. The statewide records for all parishes cover 1911-1954 – 679,383 records as of 26 February 2013; up 14,872 records from 6 April 2010.

[NEW] Florida, Deaths, 1877-1939 – Indexed Records – Name index of Florida death records created by Florida Department of Health and Vital Statistics in Jacksonville, Florida. Microfilm copies of original records are available at the Family History Library and at Family History Centers – 471,800 Records as of 26 February 2013.

Ohio, Jefferson County Court Records, 1797-1940Browsable Imaged Records – Birth and probate records from Jefferson County, Ohio. This collection is being published as images become available. An index is being created in cooperation with the Jefferson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society and will be published as it becomes available. Contact the county courthouse to get the case number for a deceased person – 818,362 images as of 1 March2013. Up 226,791images from 5 December 2012.

New York Queens County Probate Records, 1785-1950Browsable Images – Images of probate records and proceedings from the Queens County Surrogate’s Court in Jamaica, New York. – 1,844,963images as of 1 March 2013.

BillionGraves Index – Indexed Records – Name index of burial records courtesy of BillionGraves which is an expansive family history database of records and images from the world’s cemeteries, all tagged with GPS locations. Volunteers around the world capture images of headstones in a cemetery and upload them to the site; 2,767,007 records as of 3 March 2013; up 102,304records since 1 February 2013.

[NEW] Maine, Veterans Cemetery Records, 1676-1918 – Indexed & Imaged Records – Index and images of card file of veteran cemetery records located at the Maine State Archives. Cards are arranged by war then alphabetical by surname. The index cards may contain dates of birth, death and place of death and burial. The Index covers King Philip’s War through World War I – 51,541 records and 103,910 images as of 5 March 2013.

Delaware, Death Records, 1855-1961Indexed & Imaged Records – Name index and images of Delaware statewide death records – 238,920 records and 423,779 images as of 5 March 2013.

Montana, Sweet Grass County Records 1885-2011Browsable Images – Birth, death, coroners, naturalization, probate including estate files and deed records from the Clerk of the District Court, County Clerk, and Recorder’s Offices in Big Timber. This collection is being published as images become available — 93,235 images as of 8 March 2013, up 64,754 images since 30 January 2013.

Massachusetts, Plymouth County, Probate Estate files 1686-1915 Browsable Images – Probate estate files of Plymouth County located at Suffolk County Courthouse in Boston. The files are arranged by number then alphabetical by surname. This collection is being published as images become available — 506,171 images as of 8 March 2013; up 147,293 images since 10 November 2012.

[NEW] Arizona, Maricopa, Mesa City Cemetery Records, 1885-1960 – Imaged Records –  Images of cemetery and other records from the Mesa City Cemetery. The collection includes permits for graves, tax roll, block book, sexton ledgers, burial and funeral records. This collection is being published as images become available — 13,110 images as of 8 March 2013.

[NEW] Ohio, Trumbull County Court Records, 1795-2010 – Imaged Records – Various records from the courthouse in Warren, Ohio. This collection is being published as images become available. Includes marriage and naturalization records — 171,954 images as of 12 March 2013.

Idaho, Lincoln County Records, 1886-1972Imaged Records – Vital records, coroner’s inquests, military discharges, deeds, patents, probate case files and registers of cases located at the Clerk of the District Court, Clerk and Recorder Offices in Shoshone. This collection is being published as images become available. – 109,271 images as of 12 March 2013; up 80,253 images since 22 November 2012.

— Canadian Records —

[NEW] Nouvelle (New) Brunswick, recensement (Census), 1861 – Indexed Records – Le recensement de la population de la Nouvelle Brunswick en 1861. Dans cette année, la Nouvelle Brunswick ne faisait pas partie de la Dominion du Canada. Le recensement avait six tableaus: 1. Population, 2. Bâtiments, 3. Agriculture, 4. Manufactures, 5. Minéraux et 6. Sur les pêches. Habituellement, seuls les trois premiers tableaus ont été retenus. (This collection contains the 1861 census for the province of New Brunswick. At this time New Brunswick was considered a separate colony from the rest of the old Province of Canada. This census was created separately and differs from the form used in the other areas of the Province of Canada. Census takers were asked to record information about all those who were in each household on the census day. A census taker might have visited a house on a later date, but the information he collected was supposed to be about the people who were in the house on the census day.) — 200,172 records as of 28 February 2013.

[NEW] Prince Edward Island Census, 1861 – Indexed Records – Population census of Prince Edward Island in 1861. Prince Edward Island was not yet part of the Dominion of Canada. Includes agricultural censuses at the end of each county or township — 25,315 records as of 2 March 2013.

[NEW] Nova Scotia Census, 1861 –  Indexed Records – Population census of Nova Scotia in 1861. Nova Scotia was not yet a part of the Dominion of Canada. Includes agricultural census at the end of a county or district. Most of the census consists of statistical information — 57,453 records as of  2 March 2013.

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