Genealogy Files on Coweta County Donated to the Coweta County, Georgia, Genealogical Society.

The following excerpt is from an interesting article published in the March 4, 2013 edition of the Times-Herald.

Coweta County, Georgia: Frances Banks Storey was a wife, mother, retail clerk and a writer.

She penned a couple of books about her family history, was a gifted poet and wrote an unpublished novel based on family stories from the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Storey, who died last year at 85, also spent years doing genealogical research.

She left behind file cabinets full of notes about Coweta County families – her own and others. Her son, Jimmy Storey, and his wife, Charlene, decided to give the files to the Coweta County Genealogical Society. A dedication ceremony for the trove of genealogical information was held Feb. 23 at the society’s archives at the historic passenger depot in Grantville.

Read the full article.

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